National Maritime Museum

The National Maritime Museum of Ireland is located in the former Mariners’ Church in Haigh Terrace, Dún Laoghaire. This historic Church was built in 1837. The Church was designed to meet the needs of the seafarers whose vessels sought shelter in the asylum harbour of Kingstown. The church could accommodate 1400 people and the Deed of Trust stated that one third of the seating was to accommodate the families of those in the seafaring, coastguard and revenue services.

Although today the seating has been removed a reminder of the Church’s history can still be seen in the west gallery . On either side of the gallery’s stained glass windows can be seen the Prisoner’s docks were those under punishment aboard ship could be kept under guard while still attending Sunday service.

The National Maritime Museum has recently been renovated and  has been open since April 3rd. Opening times are 11am – 5pm everyday.

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