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This year Dún Laoghaire will host a most exciting Christmas Festival with something for everyone from November 26th to December 23rd 2014. Swap city centre crowds and stuffed out-of-town shopping centres to browse, shop, relax and soak up the festive spirit of magical seaside town of Dún Laoghaire.

Our Christmas Festival features an open-air Christmas Market, old-world children’s amusements, fireworks displays, free treasure hunts, an enchanting Lantern procession, Santa’s Grotto, traditional crib, and carol singing…plus a world record attempt and the chance to grab a trolley and dash through SuperValu to win some of your Christmas shopping for free!

Dún Laoghaire Town Centre has over 280 retail outlets, shops, bars and restaurants with everything you need for Christmas from special gifts and toys to jewellery and ladies’ boutiques, menswear stores, hair and beauty salons, homeware stores, kids’ fashions, pharmacies, music stores, shoe boutiques and two shopping centres both with large supermarkets. Creative Christmas shop window displays will make the experience truly festive!

Get the Dart, the Bus or drive to Dún Laoghaire this festive season.
…we also have one hours free parking for every one that you buy…
(see article at the lower end)

Key events and features for the festival will include:

  • Senior Citizens Day 26th November 
  • Christmas Festival Opening Ceremony 29th November 
  • Christmas Market & Treasure Trail from 29th November
  • Christmas Cookery and Craft School & SuperValu Trolley Dash 5th & 6th December 
  • Santa Hat Record Attempt 14th December 
  • Lantern Procession & Christmas Festival Fireworks 20th December 
  • Authentic German Christmas Decoration Stall from 29th November 

Christmas Parking Promotion: 2hours parking for €1,50
We are delighted to inform you about the decision of the Dún Laoghaire-Rathdown County Council to introduce an extended holiday Parking Promotion in Dún Laoghaire for all Council operated on-street parking spaces in our town. The Promotion will provide shoppers and visitors with one hour free parking from 29th November 2014 to 12th January 2015 inclusive. http://www.dunlaoghaire.ie/about-dun-laoghaire/parking/price-watch/

Motorists who pay for a minimum 60 minutes parking (€1,50 per hour) will be given 60 minutes free parking time in addition to the 15 minute grace period already available throughout the County. Example: A person who parks their car at 1pm and pays for 60 minutes parking therefore will not have to return to their car until 3.15pm. This person has paid for 60 minutes covering them from 1pm to 2pm, they will get 60 minutes free covering them from 2pm to 3pm and will also still receive the normal 15 minutes grace period covering them from 3pm to 3.15pm. Customers do however need to be aware that the 3 hour maximum time limit does still apply in the areas covered by the promotion.