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Yoga for Sports Injury & Prevention

Yoga for Sports Injury & Prevention No 3: with Julie Burke Date:...

Sat Apr 22, 2017


Yoga for Sports Injury & Prevention No 3: with Julie Burke

Date: Apr 22, 2017 From: 2:00 PM – 4:30 PM

Yoga for sports: Shoulders & Gutes

We store a lot of tension in our shoulders and glutes- for most of us our day to day lives leads us to hunch our shoulders and spend too much time sitting down which leads to extreme tightness, tightness and pain in these areas. Some sports exaggerate this further e. cycling but in general we carry the tightness with us from our day to day life into our game / training.

This workshop will work deep into the glutes to release the tightness and tension which we will then use to strengthen and balance out the body. The flow will combine deep hip openers with shoulder releasing postures- initially working deep into the layers of the shoulders and neck and once released building the strength across the shoulders. Leaving you feeling more open and balanced both on and off the mat.

If you have any specific concerns or injuries please feel free to email Julie : [email protected] in advance of the workshop.

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