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ADDRESS: Dun Laoghaire, Dublin

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About Dún Laoghaire

The town of Dún Laoghaire, which sprang up around it’s famous 200 year old harbour, has it all! For locals, and tourists alike there is so much to do in the town and the surrounding area.

Located just 12km outside Dublin City Centre, it only takes 20 minutes to get to the seaside town on the DART.

There’s over 220 shops, restaurants, cafés and pubs all within a mere ten minute walk of each other. Why not use one of our town maps to explore?

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There are so many things to do in the town too… Whether you’re just up for a stroll down one of the harbours piers, or fancy something a bit more adventurous, like stand-up paddle boarding, or a dip in the nearby 40 Foot (named in The New York Times as one of ten Best Places to Swim in the World – 19th August 2017) Dún Laoghaire has you covered.

Aside from the historic harbour, the town has plenty of other amazing attractions too, including the National Maritime Museum of Ireland, located in a converted church, dlr Lexicon, the new Library, that features unparalleled views of Dublin Bay, and the renowned People’s Park, a gorgeous park which are home to victorian style tea-rooms.

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What’s Up With The Name?

Pronounced Dun leary (or in Irish, Doon Leereh), it provides the familiar scene of bemused Dubliners looking on as tourists try to get their tongues around its silent glottises and tangled vowels. Locals know instantly what the struggling tourists are trying to say but curiosity will keep them waiting to see what unique sounds tumble forth.

The name itself is originally the name of a king who set up his base of operations in the area in 480A.D. Loegaire Mac Neill was a high king of Ireland who built his fort by the coast so he could more easily carry out raids across the Irish Sea on the British coast. “Dun” in Irish means fort so Dún Laoghaire translates as the fort of Loegaire.

A Little History

It wasn’t until the construction of the Harbour began in 1817, that the town we know today started to build up.

The Harbour itself, was commissioned as an asylum harbour (one used for shelter, whereas most ports spring up around trade), after two ships, Prince of Wales, and the Rochdale, were pushed up onto the rocks near Blackrock after departing Dublin Port during stormy conditions, resulting in the loss of 400 lives.

Ireland’s first ever railway was also opened in the town which ran between Dublin, and Kingstown (as the town was known in 1834). In 1844 the world’s first Atmospheric Railway ran between Kingstown and Dalkey.

With the addition of the train, and all the new amenities the harbour provided, Dún Laoghaire became a popular Victorian era seaside resort.  

Come Visit Us

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The town is rich in history (you can learn more on our Historical Waypoint Tour), culture and there is so much to do, so why not pay us a visit. It’ll be well worth your while!