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ResourcesMarch Meet up John Moore RecommendsDBA Design Effectiveness
Vanessa Breen Recommended Links1. Apple – Accenture – Instagram –
Conor Bofin Recommended Links1. Clarity of message: Very complex corporate structure, made simple and logical: A design led service that made a huge difference to my business: smart, scalable, customisable, inexpensive, cloud based project management system.

February Meet up 

Gene Murphy RecommendsLINK 1 – 2 – Linehan Recommended Links

  1. I have a couple of items on here related to startups (MVB) and business book recommendation:
  2. Link to G4G programme:
  3. I use this global Irish mentor programme:

Dermot Casey Recommended LinksPaul Graham – How to Get Startup IdeasPaul Graham – Do Things That Don’t ScaleWorking in Startups – The Daily Kick in the HeadNDRCBook : The Hard Thing About Hard Things: Building A Business When There Are No Easy Answers – Ben HorowitzJanuary Meet up