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ADDRESS: Dun Laoghaire, Dublin

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– 10 Ideas for Having Fun in Dún Laoghaire –


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Dún Laoghaire (pronounced Dun Leary) is a beautiful seaside town close to Dublin, only 12km of the city centre. Located at the South East of the Capital, it’s the perfect place to escape from the hustle and bustle of the city to have a breath of fresh air! With a short Dart ride (where you can enjoy a nice view) you can reach this lovely place in under 20 minutes. The harbour and the blue sea are the first things you notice when you arrive!

So here we are, 10 things to do in Dún Laoghaire to have a perfect day!

  1. First on our list of 10 things to do is to rent a bike. Then, your first port of call should be Dun Laoghaire Pier. The 2.6km return journey along the East Pier is extremely popular with locals and tourists alike.
  2. Have an Ice Cream at Teddy’s, a great institution which has been serving three generations of Dubliners. And if you have the Irish luck, you can get a clear day and see Howth!
  3. If you want to have a little cultural break between sea and ice cream, you must visit the Maritime Museum. Located near the DLR Lexicon, this awesome museum takes place in the former Mariners’ Church in Haigh Terrace.
  4. For a lunch break, close to the Harbour you can find lots of great places for eating in Dún Laoghaire:  In Dún Laoghaire you can choose from a variety of restaurants and different menus offering freshly prepared artisan food with a focus on sustainability and Irish produce.
  5. Bring your swimming togs! You can’t miss the Forty Foot! This place is a favourite swimming spot for locals! If you’re here for Christmas Holiday, you could see the brave having their traditional Christmas Day swim into the cold waters of the Dublin Bay. If you are up for it why not jump in!
  6. As part of our 10 things to do we really advise you to visit the Oratory! A hidden place in Dún Laoghaire which is well worth a visit.
  7. After all these adventures and discoveries you’ll need a fresh beer! There are plenty of top class Irish pubs in Dún Laoghaire, from traditional to modern. A visit to Dún Laoghaire wouldn’t be complete without a visit to one of the pubs.
  8. And if your soul belongs to the seventies, you must go to Gilbert & Wright! A very nice pub  where you can play some board games while having your beer or cocktail and check out some live music!
  9. Don’t worry we thought about shopping! George’s Street, the main street,  is full of nice shops! Dún Laoghaire also has two shopping centre’s, The Dún Laoghaire Shopping Centre and Bloomfields Shopping Centre.
  10. Finally on our list of 10 things to do is The Pavilion Theatre, one of the best cultural places in Dún Laoghaire! If it’s rainy outside, you can watch a movie, if you want to see an exhibition or take in a great show, this is the right place for you! You can find options to suit the whole family!

Now we’ve given you 10 things to do in Dún Laoghaire why not try a few!

Ps: Because you always need the cherry on the cake, if you’re a food lover then this is for you: The Food Market in People’s Park. A great place where you can discover a range of flavors and colors which will please your taste buds – open every Sunday.


Enjoy Your Visit to Dun Laoghaire !